The Workshops


Introduction to Shamanic Journeying                                                                   

"Spiritual Development and Practices Using the Methods of Our Ancestors"                                                                                                                                


This is an Introduction to Shamanism as well as Journeying. Shamanism is explained as are the terms Shaman and Shamanist, their roles and what the difference is.  Journeying and the Three Worlds will be explained as to what it is and how to do it. We will then journey to the Lower World to find your "power animal". Power animals will be explained before hand as well.  In the afternoon, we take you further into Shamanic Journeying by introducing some additional journey skills. Then, we explore the Middle World and the Upper World. 


Advanced classes are offered to those that have taken the above class.  The advanced classes include Healing with the Elements, Psychopomp, Working with the Weather Spirits, and Soul Retrieval.


The Health and Wellness Series

Tibetan Reiki - All Levels

Reiki is the “Universal Life Force Energy”, and is known as the “Light Touch Therapy”.  This is a very natural, non-intrusive energy healing modality.  

Reiki Level I opens you to receive the energy.  This workshop attunes you to receive this Universal Life Force energy and you learn the hand positions, principles, and history of Reiki.  Reiki Level I is for those who want to launch their Spiritual Growth, heal themselves and work with family members and pets.  Reiki is very relaxing and is a great stress reliever.
Reiki Level II introduces you to additional tools that you can use for more advanced healing work, for yourself or others.  Chakra work is also introduced here as well.  Some of the additional tools learned are distance healing as well as mental and emotional healing and/or clearing.  Reiki Level II is for those who want to further their healing work, and advance their Spiritual Path as well.  

Advanced Reiki Training (ART) introduces Tibetan symbols which assist in psychic surgery and another way to balance Chakras.  The ART level also increases personal spiritual development and begins preparation for the Master/Teacher Level.  This class is usually included with the Master/Teacher Training level, or it can be done separately.

Master/Teacher Level is the final level in the Reiki classes.  This is the level that gives you the Reiki Master Symbol and attunement to be able to initiate others.  The class teaches the attunements and discusses the proper ethics required for teaching classes.  It also introduces the Healing Attunement which is a tool that can be used to help others with their healing.


Introduction to Chakras

Chakras are the seven energy centers of the body which are found in the aura.  The word itself is Sanskrit for “Wheels of Light”. These wheels of light spin in a clockwise direction indicating spiritual/emotional health. If they are blocked or not spinning properly, illness will first show itself in these energy centers, and if left untreated, will lead to physical illness.  In this workshop, we will explore each Chakras attributes, how to tell if a chakra is “sick” and how to heal a sick chakra using several chakra balancing techniques (i.e. colours, crystals, etc). We will check each of our own Chakras to see if they are blocked or properly balanced.  This is an experiential workshop.  If you own a pendulum, please bring it with you.

The Crystal Series
Introduction to Crystals

Everywhere you turn these days you see crystals and gemstones.  They are in metaphysical stores and now jewelry stores carry extensive lines of new gemstones never seen before.  In this 2 hour class will discuss how to buy crystals, how to use crystals for healing & everyday use (several methods will be discussed and demonstrated), and how to care for crystals. 


Crystal Essences  

You have probably heard about flower essences, and essential oils, but how about a Crystal Essence? This class discusses how crystal essences work, how to make them, how to use them, and then you will make your own single crystal essence to take home.

Spiritual Tools Series

Psychic Protection - with Angela Jeffreys and Sylvia Richards

There are many energies around us.  Some are friendly and we welcome them into our own energy field (Aura) and others are not friendly and even though we do not welcome them, they invade our Aura anyway.  These things can drain us leaving us tired, unable to focus, and not feeling well.  This class discusses what some of these things are and where they come from.  Then several ways to protect your Aura are discussed and practiced. 

The Energy of Colour

Have you ever wondered why some days you seem to surround yourself in certain colours with the clothes you wear and the colour of your accessories, or how you decorate your home? Colours change how we feel - about ourselves and with the world.  This class discusses how Colour Therapy works, some ways to use Colour Therapy, and then we will do some fun exercises so you can see for yourself.


Introduction to Essential Oils

We will talk about the many uses of Essential Oils and their health benefits.  We will cover several of the common oils and the ways to use and mix them safely.  A workbook listing the oils along with recipes from facial care to home cleaning products is included.


The Basics of Spiritual Practice

Are you new to Spirituality and do not know where to begin?  Perhaps you are not so new and have read a lot of books but still do not know how to incorporate some practices into everyday life.  Well this class is going to cover all the basics need to get you started.  We will cover grounding, smudging, the White Light, and more.


Create a Power Object

We will discuss the various power objects (i.e. talismans, amulets, bundles, wands, dream catchers, etc) covering how they are used, and the ethics of using them properly.  Then you will create your own bundle or a smudge feather. All materials will be supplied.


Introduction to Dream Interpretation

You have probably read several Dream Interpretation books and you are still no closer to deciphering your dreams.  Most people dream in symbols and they find it difficult to decipher them.  We will look at some ways to interpret them that will make it easier for you to understand your own dreams, so we can figure out what our dreams are trying to tell us.   


Pendulum Workshop

A pendulum is a neat dowsing tool that helps you to find lost items, answer questions, and assists with health concerns.  In this class we will show you the proper way in which to work with a pendulum.  We will begin by showing you how to choose the pendulum for you (if you have you own already, please bring it along), explain how it works, explain the proper etiquette in using it and give you lots of practice time.


Spiritual Abilities Series

Loved Ones and Death 

Is there life after death?  Well, Angela believes so due to her experiences she has had with spirits who have crossed over! In this workshop she will share some of these experiences to show there is life after death and to break the ice in discussing death and dying. This class is intended to help those who have lost a loved one to see they are still with us and to give some ideas of how to communicate with them, and how and why they communicate with us.  We will also encourage those present to share any experiences they had with recently deceased loved ones.  The last part will be a guided meditation in hopes to connect with a loved one on the other side.


Exercise Your Psychic Ability 

This is an experiential workshop to show you that you are psychic too!  We will lead you through some fun exercises to encourage the intuition that we all have to flow through you.  If you think that you are not psychic or intuitive and you want to be, this class is for you.  Plus, you will have a lot of fun!


Meditation Series

Introduction to Meditation  

Learn the basics of meditation: how to meditate, and how to use it in various areas of your life.


Meet Your Spirit Guide

This class begins by explaining who our Spirit Guides are and how they can help us.  We then lead you on a guided meditation to meet and communicate with your own Spirit Guide.


Visit the Akashic Records 

We begin by explaining the Akashic Records (also known as The Hall of Records) and then we lead you on a guided meditation to take you there and give you time to explore your own records.

Meet Your Shadow Side
Most people think that the Shadow Side is our “evil twin” if you may, or some nasty evil demon that we need to hide.  Well, that’s not necessarily the case.  We all have aspects of ourselves that we have hidden along way because we do not like certain things we have done in the past, or feelings we may have experienced.  This workshop is about understanding what the Shadow Side is really about, and to allow ourselves to meet some Shadow parts in an effort be grateful for them as these parts are what drive us to be better people.  We are who we are today because of these Shadow Parts.