The Services

Intuitive Healing Sessions


During extensive Reiki training, Angela began to notice she was being "led" to use all her training in both Reiki and Interactive Reflexology in a treatment.  It developed further to the point where she felt as though she was being guided to work certain areas and her hands were directed intuitively. While working closely with another Intuitive Healer, Angela learned to trust the messages she was receiving and let her hands go where the energy work was required.
     Intuitive Healing sessions tend to work mainly with Emotional and Spiritual issues.  In feeling the body’s energy field and Chakras, Angela is able to balance the weak areas, which often allows the client to release suppressed emotions and memories.  The release enables the physical body to heal.  An Intuitive Healing session relieves stress and gives a feeling of rejuvenation.  This type of healing enhances the body’s natural healing abilities resulting in healing the entire body, including the Body, Mind and Spirit.  $75.00 for 1 hour session.



Distant Intuitive Healing Sessions 
Now offering distant healing sessions!  The session is the same as a one-on-one session as described above, however, I will do it from my healing space and you remain in the comfort of your own home! We will set an appointment for a time that you are able to be still while I work on you energetically. I will do the energy work for 45 minutes and spend the remainder of the time writing your report and send it via e-mail.  $75.00 for 1 hour session.


Soul Retrieval 
     During her Shamanic training, Angela learned to do Soul Retrieval which means she brings back "lost" soul pieces that left during times of illness or trauma.  These soul pieces leave us with the pain of the trauma or illness so we may continue to live our lives.  If we experience too much soul loss, we feel as though we are not “all there”, have missing time, or have a hard time healing from a situation.
     A Soul Retrieval session can bring a person a feeling of peace or a sense of completion, depending on what was returned to the individual.  A session consists of a discussion as to what is to be brought back, and then Angela enters into a “Shamanic trance” to allow her to find the missing piece.  A follow-up is required two weeks later.  This can be done in person or by phone.   $75.00 for 1 hour session plus follow-up.


Tarot Readings

Angela has been interested in Tarot cards since she was a child.  She received her first deck as a gift when she was 17 years old.  She dabbled with them here and there but that was about all.  Then in early 2002 she was introduced to another reader who helped her "see" how to read them and then she couldn't put them down.  Angela mostly read other Tarot Readers but did not offer them as a service as she felt she wasn't ready to offer professional readings.  In March 2009, Angela woke up one day with a very strong message from her guides to get on it with!  Angela now has several decks she works with including Goddess, Egyptian, Sacred Path, Crystal Ally cards, but for her readings she uses the regular Rider-Waite deck as well as Wisdom of Avalon oracle cards.


Are you at a crossroads in life?  Do you have a difficult situation to get through?  Do you have a difficult decision to make? Angela’s readings will give you insight as to the possible reason for the situation as well as possible outcomes.  Angela’s readings are not about telling the future, but about helping you again additional insight to help you find your way through a situation.  Please be sure to have your question ready.     $50.00 for a 45 minute reading.  $35 for a 30 minute reading.  Can be done in person or via phone.

Interactive Reflexology                                                       
     Ancient Eastern cultures believed that points in the souls of the feet, palms of the hands, and the ears are all directly             connected to every part of the body.  When pressure is applied to a reflex point a signal is sent to the corresponding part of the body.  If there is a blockage or if the body part does not work properly, this signal then “wakes up” the organ or removes the blockages.
     An Interactive Reflexology session begins with an assessment of the overall health and posture of the client.  The treatment begins with a neck and head massage and work is done to the shoulders to improve posture.  Next to be worked on are the hips and knees – again for posture improvement.  Massaging movements work the calf muscles down to the feet. All the reflex points are accessed through a massaging motion, which sends the signals to the entire body.  After a session a person will feel more relaxed and will notice a difference in their overall posture.  The body will continue to rid itself of toxins over the next few days.
     Interactive Reflexology helps the body to “remember” how to heal itself and therefore it does not interfere with any medications or traditional medical treatments.  Interactive Reflexology is an holistic approach to caring for the body, mind, and spirit using several healing modalities.  It is deeply nurturing and healing, balancing all of the body’s systems.   $60.00 for 1 hour session.

House or Business Clearing 

     Angela clears homes and businesses of unwanted energies left behind by previous occupants or owners.  These energies can be residual (attitudes of the previous owner of occupant) or the energy of the previous owners themselves (ghosts).  This cleansing process is done by Smudging while in a Shamanic State so she can "see" what energies are in the space and then release the spirits and clears the energy.  The homeowner is present during the process and is able to participate in the process by assisiting with the smudging if they choose do so (highly recommended)
Having Angela clear the energy in our home made a significant difference in the overall feeling of the house. It was as though the lights were dimmed before and following the clearing, it seemed much more inviting. Angela came prepared to have me join in the process, which was much appreciated and she provided suggestions to improve any issues. I believe that it was a very worthwhile experience.   Faune Creaser
FOR MORE TESTIMONIALS, PLEASE REFER TO THE TESTIMONIALS PAGE.  $75.00 per hour with a minimum of 2 hours.

Create a Ceremony 
     Our ancestors recognized the importance of ceremony to mark important points in our personal lives and life in the community.  Marking the changes of the Sun in the sky (Solstices and Equinoxes), key points in the Moon Cycle (New Moon and Full Moon), a new baby, puberty, marriage, death, any personal accomplishment, obtaining new sacred objects, and so on.  Ceremonies were to show appreciation and gratitude, and were also used to "let things go", and to ask the Spirits to bring in something new (i.e. abundance, new thoughts or attitudes).  For the most part,  the only ceremonies we see today are weddings and funerals.  Wouldn't it be wonderful to celebrate a new job?  Or celebrate the project you have been working on for ages (artwork, a book, or de-cluttering the house)? Perhaps you had a hard time letting go of a "draining" job, wouldn't it be great to celebrate the release of that job?  Perhaps you ended a harmful relationship?  Maybe you won the lottery? There are so many wonderful events that occur in our life but we don't take the time to stop and show gratitude for them.  Perhaps you would like to ask the Spirits to help to release something from your life and have a Releasing Ceremony. 
     Angela has been working on bringing ceremony back into our lives by holding public ceremonies for the Solstices and private ceremonies (weekend retreats, etc). If you have an important time in your life coming up and you would like to hold a ceremony to celebrate it, Angela will work with you to create and lead a ceremony fitting to your event.  The cost includes one visit with you (at the place would like the ceremony to be held) to discuss the purpose of the ceremony and plan a suitable program, and then the ceremony itself.  The cost is for any location within the Metro area (Halifax, Dartmouth, Bedford and Sackville), however, there will be an addition charge of 25cents per km (there and back) for any location outside the Metro area for both trips.  Angela will supply any items required for the ceremony (i.e. smudge materials, candles, craft materials, etc) at an additional cost, to be determined during the initial consultation.   Cost $100.00 (plus travel expense if applies)

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Above photo by Faune Creaser.