The Extras

I have created some new products with many more to come so be sure to check back often!  I aim to add one new product a month.




Naturally You - A Guide to Natural Skin Care

This e-book gives you an alternative to using daily skin care products that have harsh chemicals in them.  

Why not try making your own? They are fun to make and will save you money! This 30 page guide includes 

48 recipes ranging from


        -Facial care 

        -Dental care 
        -Hand and foot care

        -Daily personal care (shampoo, shower gel) 

        -Giving yourself a facial with ingredients from your kitchen 

        -How to make your own natural cosmetics.  

        -How to use essential oils properly and safely for optimum benefit.


The cost is only $7.95 (Cdn).  To order, follow this link






The Basics of Spiritual Practice

Somewhere deep inside of us is the feeling that there is more to life than we can see, hear and touch. 

This course offers ideas and suggestions of how you can create a daily spiritual practice that is right for you. 

Here are some of the things you will discover in this course.

  • -Learn the importance of Smudging, White Light and Grounding.
  • -Start a Spiritual Journal for dreams, meditations and insights.
  • -How to create and use your own altar
  • -How to include the Elements and the Directions
  • -Learn the time-honoured practice of "Smudging"
  • -Discover how you can use the amazing power of White Light
  • -Enjoy the benefits of Angela’s special Grounding exercises
  • -Learn how to meditate
  • -Establish a connection with your Spirit Guides

The cost is $30.00 (Cdn).  To order, follow this link


The E-Courses consist of reading material and exercises.  Once you have read all the material and have completed 

all the exercises, submit a report with the details of the exercises along with any questions.  Comments will be 

offered as well as additional exercises if deemed necessary.  Once all exercises have been completed, a Certificate 

of Completion will be e-mailed.  Please note these e-courses are for personal development only, they are not qualification 


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