I own a mind, body, spirit shop called the White Lotus. Angela has been putting on classes for me for 7 years - and her students always leave well satisfied! The Crystal and Pendulum class are always well received here. Once I had the chance to experience Angela's Shamanic Workshop for beginners. I didn't know what to expect, but she took us through the paces and I left with a real understanding of the shamanic way, and I had a great "journey" too, finding my power animal. When Angela decided to start doing tarot readings, we offered those at the store too - and she always books up! Thanks Angela for your willingness and skill to pass along your knowledge to others.
- Cindy Hemphill
  White Lotus
  New Glasgow, NS


Tarot Readings


Angela did a telephone reading for me in March 09. The accuracy of the reading was amazing. Even the time-lines of her insights were “bang on”. You are a very gifted and insightful reader Angela!  One of your many talents! Thanks for all your help.

Heather MacCormac

Natural Health Practitioner

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada


My partner and I had been working on a spiritual project for some considerable time with nothing moving forward or any concrete development. Angela's reading pinpointed exactly what we were doing wrong and how we could take steps to rectify it. As a result of her advice our project was given clear direction and now the first stage has been completed and the second stage is about to reach fruition. All of the information she gave was accurate and pertinent to the issue we had asked about. I cannot reccomend her highly enough and I am sure that whatever issue you need guidance about (whether it be spiritual, emotional or anything else in your journey on this Earth plane) she will be able to help.  Thank you Angela once more for your help.

-Daniel Naughnane & Pat Mc Nally

Kent, UK


I had a wonderful reading experience with Angela several months ago. I felt that she tapped into my life and what was going on with me in the present. I would definitely say that the reading was helpful as I felt it made me step back from all of the busy doing in my life, allowing me to get a glimpse of the becoming. She was able to shine a light on the larger picture which gave me food for thought and continues to help me to step forward to embrace all of the wonderful changes that are occurring.

-Debbie Berry, Nova Scotia



Shamanism Workshops


"Introduction to Shamanic Journeying” with Angela Jeffreys is a workshop that will change the way you perceive yourself and the world around you. Angela has an extensive background in Shamanic studies and is able to lead the class in a safe and magical space. She is very receptive to answering questions and listening to students' ideas and thoughts which really adds to this incredible learning experience. I highly recommend this workshop!                                  
-Brad L. Surette, NS

My husband (a priest), a friend and I attended Angela's class last year on Shamanic Journeying.  I was raised pagan and I have been a student of mysticism for some 57 years. I have an extensive background and education in what we used to refer to, when I was in college, as "parapsychology".  My husband learned spirituality in a different tradition, and our friend has only relatively recently become interested in exploring alternative paths to spirituality.  In the beginning, I was interested but was not sure how well a class would "fit" us all.  However, I was pleased to see that Angela presented the material in such a way that my friend, my husband and myself were all comfortable with and able to work with and learn from the techniques she presented.  Her teaching style and insights were provocative and interesting from the first moment of the class, and have since given me much to think about.  I have used her techniques since the class and have found them to be helpful.  I would not hesitate to take further classes under her guidance.               
-Margie McDonnell-Welsh, NS

I took Angela's Introduction to Shamanism class when I was still seeking my spiritual path. It was an incredible experience and one I will never forget. Whole new worlds were opened up to me and I felt such a connection to the earth and my place in it.   Angela is truly gifted in what she does and made me feel welcome and comfortable in a situation I was unfamiliar with.  She made it easy to share my experiences without feeling awkward or intimidated.  She has a warm, easy way about her that relaxes you and makes it easy to learn from her.  The Intro class was informative and instructional without being overwhelming and at the end of the day I believe we all walked away with a sense of purpose and peace.                                          
-Linda Estes, NS

From the first time I met Angela, I knew that the experience I would have taking the Introduction to Shamanism Workshop, and later her advanced workshops, this was the start of a wonderful journey for my spiritual path. The introductory course really sparked things for me. In the shamanism intro course, I was happy to discover that I could help/heal myself by taking a Shamanic Journey, rather than waiting on others to help me. It is an empowering course in which one discovers that they are never alone in this world, with guides, spirits, and helpers surrounding us at all times! The courses and workshops offered by Angela Jeffreys are clear, concise, and spiritually fulfilling. She is a gifted woman with the ability to help others on their spiritual paths. Don't miss an opportunity to attend any of her workshops!                 
-Lisa U, Halifax, NS Canada

I found the Introduction to Shamanism Workshop to be very thorough. If I had any questions, they were answered with great satisfaction. My experience from working with Angela was PROFOUND. There has been such a huge shift within me, to the point that I'm the most focused, happy and content that I've ever been in my life.  There is nothing more to say other than a big heartfelt THANK YOU ANGELA.
-Tracy Hinschen 
Intuitive Artist
Fundy Driftwood Jewellery & Creations, Canada

I would like to share with you my experience of the Introduction to Shamanic Journeying class.  There were absolutely no expectations or preconceived ideas on how I thought the day would unfold; I was starting from nothing and gained so much!  I met interesting people of varied backgrounds and all levels of knowledge, most were old hands at what I was experiencing for the first time, but this did not detract from the class, if anything I feel it brought us closer together in a common bond.  The instruction was presented in a cohesive, easily understood manner with plenty of time for interaction between teacher and pupil.  Before each journey we had lots of guidance about the procedure to follow, what to expect and how to interact with whom we met.  We were encouraged to interpret our findings and were given a range of possible meanings, one or some of which would tweek our brain to kick in to make sense of what at first seemed totally unrelated to anything!  e journeyed several times throughout the day to the accompaniment of the drum, and I must say that this drumming touched my sole to the core, at one point I was brought to tears.  Would I take this class again?  In a heartbeat!   Thank You, Angela, for your guidance and encouragement. 
-Sheri Gould, NS

Angela`s Introduction to Shamanism class was one of the most enlightening times of my life. We were taught not only how to journey into other worlds but also everything we needed to know and understand about who and what Shamanism is and stands for. My journey experiences were so profound and true to me that it literally blew me away. The messages I received were totally out of this world yet so simple to understand. I came out of this class with a whole new outlook on life. It brought so much together for me. I have journeyed since the introduction class on my own and so look forward to Angela`s return to the East coast of Canada for the next level of Shamanism. I truly believe everyone should have this knowledge.                            
–Donna Graves, NS

I recently attended Angela’s Shamanic workshop and enjoyed it thoroughly, Angela is a skillful, insightful workshop facilitator. I give her my highest recommendations.
-Ken Penrose
Certified Hypnotherapist Nova Scotia


House and Business Energy Clearings

I learned about Angela's abilities from a friend. I made contact via email and she promptly responded. When she arrived at my home, she was very easy to interact with and totally put me at ease. She was very clear in what she would accomplish in her visit. After 2 hours, she had completely went through my home and cleansed it of any leftover spirits and/or energies. After living in our home for 4 years, I was uncomfortable coming downstairs in the middle of the night. Actually, I would often wake my husband up to go downstairs if the children required a drink. After the cleanse, I feel like the house is finally ours. My kids are even sleeping better too which was an added bonus. I also appreciated that Angela performed a follow up check in as a courtesy to the service that she provided. I would highly recommend Angela. She is knowledgeable and offers a professional service to her clients.      
-M Sefcik, NS

I contacted Angela regarding my House problems.  I had worked with Angela before and was very confident in her abilities to help us.  Even though she is very busy she made time to come out and Clear our house.  While she was here clearing the house I started to feel better almost as soon as she was done the first floor. The difference in our house is amazing!!!  The kids and I are sleeping better and it feels like my house again.  Thank you so much for helping us, you are an amazing healer!
Niki Jones, NS




I attended the Crystal Essence workshop taught by Angela. The information was well presented to us and she made it fun at the same time! We got to make our own essence right in class which was really helpful to get the hands on while she was there to guide us. She is a wonderful teacher who knows how to make it fun while you learn. Angela cares for her students in and out of the "classroom" setting. She is a wonderful, caring woman... I love her classes! Take one...you'll see for yourself!

-Catherine Roach-Eddy

 Reiki Master

 Dartmouth, NS, Canada


E-book Reviews


Naturally You - A Guide to Natural Skin Care


I, for one, have been worried about the chemicals we have been putting into our system for some time now. I'm grateful to Angela Jeffreys for writing this great little book! It's a great start to a lifelong process. I suggest this book to anyone who is interested in starting their path to a healthier lifestyle!  

-Terri-Lynn Young, MOM


I just finished Angela's book titled 'Naturally You- A Guide to Natural Skin Care'. Great job, Angela! It's very informative and provides practical solutions for those of us no longer willing to put unnecessary chemicals on and in our bodies.  

-Wanda Amos, Reiki Healer


I have read Angela's e-book about the chemicals in our personal care products, the effects they have on our bodies, and most importantly, how we can make our own alternatives! I have often wondered what all the chemical names on the shampoo, shower gel and deodorant packaging meant. Thanks to Angela, I now do, as well as how to make my own!!!! Angela's down to earth, easy to understand style was wonderful! She explains everything in just enough detail and with step by step instructions so that you know exactly what you need to do and know. She has even included a section on what each ingredient you need for the recipes is and how to get hold of them.  If I had to find one word for the book, it would be "PERFECT"!   Angela, this is a triumph of a first e-book! Congratulations!!!

-James Marshall

 Glasgow, Scotland


Angela's e-book "Naturally You - A Guide to Natural Skin Care" is simply wonderful... it clearly explains the chemicals we see in our everyday products. It is wonderful to have the recipes to make our own alternatives... and those alternatives are made from easily accessible ingredients.  Anyone who is interested in making a difference in their life, for the better. And also to send a clear message that we don't want all these chemicals pumped into our system needs to buy this e-book and make these products. The recipes are easy to understand and easy to make.  Brilliant Book - 5 STARS!!!!

-Samantha Leeming, Nova Scotia