Metaphysical Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is the use of hypnosis to access the subconscious mind to create improvements in health, performance, quit smoking, lose weight, release stress, etc.

Metaphysical Hypnotherapy is the use of hypnosis to access the subconscious mind and/or the super conscious mind (aka Higher Self) to access past lives, discover the root cause of difficult situations and/or relationships, discover karmic debt and life lessons, so you can move forward in life.

Sessions are approximately 90 minutes long. Sessions are done in person. If you are not local to me (Metro area, Nova Scotia) sessions can be done via Skype. Please note a webcam and ear or head phones are required. Sessions are $85.00. Payment can be made by PayPal, and Canadians can pay by e-mail money transfer.

Sessions available are:
Who Am and Why Am I Here?
This session explores what your soul heritage is - are you a Starseed, Walk-In, Indigo, etc. Once that is established, your Life Purpose will be uncovered - what is it and how to achieve it. Anything else that needs to be made known at that time will come through as well.
Why Is My Life This Way?
Is your life difficult? Do you always have something tough to deal with? Find out why!
Past Life Exploration
Have you ever wondered who you were, where you lived and what you did in your past lives? Why not find out!
Soul Contracts
Are you having difficulties with certain relationships? Parent, child, spouse, co-worker, friend? Find out what your Soul Contract is with that soul and then find out if the contract can be amended or ended.
Find out what your karmic debt is for this life, what caused it, are you clearing it and if not, how best can you do so? We will also check to see if you incurred any new karma in this life and how to clear it if you did.
Removing Blockages
Are you stuck? Are you having financial issues? Find out the cause of these blockages, so they can be removed - and then move forward in life.
Meet Your Spirit Guide
Do you want to know who your Spirit Guide is, what his/her previous life was like, where s/he came from and how you may be connected? Meet and converse with your Spirit Guide.

Customized Recording
1) If you wish to work on improving your health, change a particular way of thinking, relieve stress, sleep better, etc, then I can make a custom recording for you. This entails a 30 minute consultation by phone or Skype, then I create an mp3 which I e-mail to you to use daily for 3-4 months or as long as needed. Cost $80.00
2) In a hypnotherapy session, it may be suggested to work with a re-programming recording to fully accomplish your goals. I will custom make an mp3 recording for you which I e-mail to you to use daily for 3-4 months or as long as needed. Cost $20.00
“I have had 3 Skype hypnotherapy sessions with Angela. I had Skype open so Angela could see me. I was resting in a recliner, eyes closed, and just listened to her voice. So comforting, safe, secure. Once "awake", I remembered everything. It was kind of like a guided meditation except with those, I rarely get anything out of it but relaxation. This was more direct, more purposeful. The first session was to meet my Spirit Guide and, I DID!!! I learned who my guide was, where he was from and how we were connected. That session allowed me to fully connect with my Guide. In my other sessions, I talked to my Higher Self in dealing with past lives, Karmic debt and Soul Contracts. In the past, I had readings done with these same topics, but I had no part of it. It was done by someone else. In the hypnotherapy sessions, I was present, I was there. There were a few different answers and it resonated so much more. I remembered it all afterwards and I felt lighter, more settled and thankful. I learned about my life and why I most likely have the life that I do. If you are a skeptic but are at least open to possibilities, this could work for you. And for those who is so enlightening. Thank you Angela” -Janet, New York
“Just finished a wonderful,uplifting and very informative hypnotherapy session with Angela. What a great experience, lots of questions answered and new directions to follow. She did an awesome job and I highly recommend anyone who is stagnant or needs answers to experience this for yourself. Thank you so much Angela!!!! “ - Donna, Nova Scotia
“I've known Angela for many years as a trusted and respected spiritual teacher and healer. When she announced her certificate in Hypnotherapy, I was excited to give it a try! I went in with no expectations, only the certainty that with Angela, it would be a safe and confidential experience. Well, I was totally blown away by the information we recovered. I am most grateful for the unexpected after-effect of such a sense of peace and calm. My mind is clear and at rest, and for someone with a stressful job and daily anxiety- this is a true blessing. Thank you Angela, I'll be back!” Suzanne, Nova Scotia
Custom Recording Testimonial “Angela created a hypnosis recording related to my Menieres' disease for me. She asked me specific questions related to what I wanted to get out of this. The recording is amazing. Angela's voice is so soft and easy to listen to. The background music was the most relaxing with my favorite nature-filled sounds. It was a perfect meditation. I felt safe and protected throughout. I could listen to it upon waking or as I went to sleep. The ever present skeptic in me gave it a go. After a couple of weeks of listening to it, I noticed changes. I was no longer as obsessed with how my day might be affected by the disease. After about 6 weeks, I realized that I was waking and starting my days so differently, actually looking forward to what was ahead. Now, almost 3 months later, I still listen to the recording, sometimes AM and sometimes PM. When I do have symptoms, they are fewer and farther in between. And, I do not allow myself to get panicky anymore....which always worsened the symptoms. I am thankful that Angela made this recording for me. It came at a perfect time...allowing me to continue my dreams and get out of my house more often. “ Janet, New York