History and Bio



Angela Jeffreys
Shamanic Healer and Teacher, Metaphysical Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, Tarot Reader and author.






Angela was born in the UK but grew up in Canada. As a child Angela knew there was more to life than what could be seen or touched, but had no one to teach her until she was an adult.  One day, the teachers started to show up in her life.  The Student was ready! 






          Angela began following a Shamanic path in the early 1990's when a friend introduced her to journeying and other Shamanic concepts. Tool making, sweat lodges, road kill burials and regular visits to her power animal became her life
          In 2002, Angela met a teacher that was trained by Sandra Ingerman and embarked on a two year apprenticeship. Angela learned much more about Shamanic principles and trained in specific modalities such as Soul Retrieval and Psychopomp. She went through many initiations involving ceremonies and training, some are Medicine for the Earth and Healing with the Elements. 
     Other training Angela embarked on:
-Weather Dancing workshop with Nan Moss and David Corbin
-Dream Workshop with Robert Moss in the Netherlands
Avalon Mystery School

Metaphysical Hypnotherapy
Angela trained in hypnotherapy in 2016.  Angela experienced much healing herself through hypnotherapy and thus decided it was time to offer that benefit to others.  She completed a 200 hour course with Harmony House Hypnotherapy.  During her training, she realized very quickly that all her personal growth and experiences, learning and understanding all lead her to this training. This was the perfect way to put it all together. 


- Angela first learned Reiki in 1995, starting with Usui Reiki. In 2002, she trained Level I and II in Tibetan Reiki. Advanced Reiki Training followed in 2003 and then she became a Reiki Master/Teacher in 2004.
- Angela became a Certified Reflexologist in 1998, and took some basic massage training in 2003.
- Angela is now starting to train in myofascial release in the Traditional Chinese Method called Tui Na.

Tarot Readings

Angela was given her first tarot deck at the age of 17. She tried and tried to learn how to read them, always going by the book. Finally, she gave up and set them aside. Then in 2002 she met someone who taught her how to read them intuitively. She was on her way! For the first 7 years, she was the Tarot Readers Reader, as she only read for all her friends......and they were all tarot readers! Then, one day in early March of 2009, she woke up and heard a message from her Guides - "You are now a tarot reader!" So, kicking and screaming, she came out of the Tarot closet and started to offer guidance tarot readings. She still uses that same deck given to her in 1985.

Angela uses her compassion and empathic abilities to show and guide others to their inner truth, their path and their authentic self.  


Angela began her teaching and healing career in 2004.  She and a friend jointly taught under the name Divine Connections, teaching classes at several metaphysical stores around Nova Scotia and immediately became a hit.  This lead to an appearance on Breakfast Television Autumn 2005 where they demonstrated Chakra Balancing on the hosts of the program.  Angela was interviewed by CKEC in New Glasgow, NS October, 2006 on her views of Samhain and of Death and Dying.   When Angela released "Crystals, Essentially", she was interviewed by the Witching Hour program on CKDU, a Halifax radio station.


While Angela was living in the Netherlands, a transformation of her abilities and thus her work began during this time.  Over this time, the Crow showed up more and more and soon this became a symbol of what her work was about.  It took awhile for Angela to realize that the Crow was there all along........  One night in mid 2011, Angela woke from a deep sleep hearing the words that would soon change her path and career, and led to her new business name Blue Crow Inspirations.  The levels and layers of what this name means runs very deep.

Angela has taught classes in Nova Scotia, Ontario and British Columbia. She has taught people from all over the world in her on-line workshops and e-courses.



The Blue Crow logo came from a photograph Angela took herself.                                                                              




Photo by Marc Geuzinge Photography www.marcgeuzinge.photoshelter.com